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FEB. 25, 2021

PROVOSO Software Releases Game-Changing Products to Optimize DataOps and Contract Intelligence

Helping customers reduce technical debt and uncover millions in hidden contract expenses. 

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. - Feb. 25, 2021 - PROVOSOa powerful cloud data unification platform that provides Supply Chain Performance in real-time, has announced the release of new products designed to optimize its Data Unification platform.

Real-time access to supply chain data has never been more important and PROVOSO’s Continuous Data Pipeline (CDP) creates the mechanism for achieving this objective. The patent pending solution continuously monitors PROVOSO's Conductor for new data arrivals. When new data is published, CDP reads the metadata, finds the appropriate data operation to be performed, and creates a package to be executed on PROVOSO's DataEngine. It then passes the assembled package to PROVOSO’s DataEngine for processing. DataEngine Operations include cleansing, transformations, deduplication, predictive analytics, classification, and clustering. It fully supports streaming and batch operations.

The PROVOSO Contract and Compliance Engine (CACE) uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract information from contract templates originally created in PDF, Word, or scanned image formats. Multiple NLP methods are used to find and digitize contract information, including tables, forms, and targeted words and phrases. Once digitized, this information is prepared for analysis and reporting.

“Both CDP and CACE are delivering extreme value to our customers,” Steve Danker, PROVOSO Chief Technology and Product Officer stated. “With our technology, customers are addressing serious supply chain risk with immediacy and consistency. Real-time DataOps allows our customers to prevent interruptions in their end-to-end supply chain because they are informed of any potential risks early enough to take action. Contracts across the enterprise can be ingested and digitized at massive scale and speed, enabling alerts of critical milestones and potentially millions in savings opportunities. CDP and CACE are fully integrated with the PROVOSO Suite, delivering full visibility of products, suppliers, customers and extended supply chain in real-time.”

CDP and CACE’s pricing models create an opportunity to move away from expensive legacy technology spend and technical debt. PROVOSO believes this is truly a game-changer. The company is delivering the ability to cleanse and unify data, digitize new data such as contracts and spreadsheets, and then exploit the benefits of applying advanced technologies on one unified platform.

"Our customers recognize that processing data in batch mode is no longer competitive" says Danker. "They need access to information as it is created. They also need to use the information stored within contracts to unify pricing, capture the savings, and add additional context to supplier relationships. Our platform and new products are helping customers quickly resolve these issues and drive measurable performance improvements across their supply chain and business."


PROVOSO is a powerful cloud data unification platform that operates at unprecedented speed and scale, delivering insights on supply chain performance in real-time. We combine the power of advanced technologies and process knowledge of the end-to-end supply chain to deliver game-changing platforms. Contact PROVOSO at, or call +1-484-288-2752.


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