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JAN. 26, 2021

PROVOSO Software Announces Its

Data Unification Platform - Delivering Supply Chain Transparency in Real-Time

The PROVOSO Suite Harnesses Advanced Technologies to Disrupt Current Approaches 

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. - Jan. 26, 2021 - PROVOSOa powerful cloud data unification platform that provides Supply Chain Performance in real-time, has announced the latest release of its cloud analytics platform. 


Supply Chain performance has never been more important and PROVOSO is helping companies gain visibility to their entire supply chain. Using data science and machine learning, its PROVOSO Suite reveals supply chain insights in real-time. The platform delivers comprehensive data unification using advanced technologies to connect with internal and external data sources - in just a few weeks.


"Advanced technologies are transforming business and the speed to embrace it will dictate competitive landscapes," said PROVOSO CEO Phil Newmoyer. The former CIO of Toys 'R' Us and Serta Simmons Bedding stated, "Companies are spending millions to unify data - often with missed expectations. Now, for a relatively small subscription fee, advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning make those traditional technologies and approaches obsolete. Our latest release of the PROVOSO Suite delivers powerful capabilities and the much-needed agility our customers seek. Using packaged connectors, our platform unifies data across the enterprise and externally with suppliers, manufacturers, and other critical data sources."  

PROVOSO and its customers view the impact as extraordinary. Companies address serious challenges with immediacy. Factories prevent interruptions because supplier shortages are avoided. Contracts across the enterprise can be ingested and digitized using AI, at massive scale and speed, enabling alerts of critical milestones and savings opportunities. And perhaps most impactful, PROVOSO's easy-to-use data stories deliver full visibility of products, suppliers, and extended supply chain in real-time.

The PROVOSO Suite includes comprehensive industry solutions, delivered using their own methodology; Precision. The platform harnesses the power of advanced technologies to deploy powerful cloud analytics quickly and with simplicity for users. It also enables pricing that disrupts traditional models. In fact, CIOs are viewing this as an opportunity to move away from expensive legacy technology spend and technical debt. PROVOSO believes this is truly a game-changer. The company is delivering the ability to cleanse and unify data with massive speed and scale, digitize new data such as contracts and spreadsheets, and then exploit the benefits of applying advanced technologies on one unified platform.

"Companies are experiencing unprecedented times with consumers demanding supply chain performance." says Newmoyer. "The days of having dozens of aging platforms with product, supplier, and contract data fragmented, or not yet digitized, is no longer sustainable. They also continue to see proliferation of offline spreadsheets, isolating data critical to operating the business. Our platform helps customers quickly unify this data using our advanced technologies." 


PROVOSO is a powerful cloud data unification platform that operates at unprecedented speed and scale, delivering insights on supply chain performance in real-time. We combine the power of advanced technologies and process knowledge of the end-to-end supply chain to deliver game-changing platforms. Contact PROVOSO at, or call +1-484-288-2752.


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