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Analysing data



Companies are recognizing the increasing importance of data and the speed of data as being core to strategy execution – internal and external. It impacts nearly every aspect of a business and its customers. Here are just a few:

  • Supply Chain Performance and Visibility

  • Digital Transformation

  • Product and Customer Profitability

  • Manufacturing   

  • Brand Protection & Compliance


At PROVOSO, our customers are addressing these challenges with immediacy and consistency. Real-time DataOps allows our customers to prevent interruptions in their end-to-end supply chain because they are informed of any potential risks early enough to take action. Data from across the enterprise can be ingested and cleansed at massive speed and scale, enabling alerts of critical milestones and potentially millions in savings opportunities.


Legacy data integration tools such as Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), data cleansing and data deduplication are widely used. However, current toolsets suffer from several characteristics that limit their effectiveness in today’s wildly different data universe. Traditional data management practices such as master data management have proven successful in the art of matching and merging entities for decades. However, scaling using this approach is not a viable option for anything beyond small-scale data challenges and/or those with very regular data.


This whitepaper discusses how PROVOSO’s technology is engineered to work at scale on a large variety of types and problems and can be applied in an environment where enterprises are looking to unify their data quickly and accurately to use data to drive disruptive change and increase value.


For your copy of the whitepaper, simply submit the form.


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